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VMware Workstation: Enable Folder Sharing


I daily use VMware Workstation to code on Linux.
Yesterday my dear Debian’s Gnome broke because of a bad manipulation, so I just took it as a call to move on and try some other distro.
I first installed Linux Mint Debian, and removed it because folder sharing didn’t work, despite my effort to fix the problem. Then I tried with Kubuntu: the same issue.

The problem there was that my shared folders didn’t show in /mnt/hgfs/.
After reading many documentations, forums, and mailing lists, and trying to mount the shared folder manually, I reached a point where I got a FATAL: Module vmhgfs not found error.
This error, as far as I understood, was occurring because of a bad installation of VMware Tools. Re-installing the latter didn’t work.

The vmhgfs module, like some others, isn’t sometimes built because it is not included in the VMware tools. To build the required modules, you just have to install open-vm-dkms:

apt-get install open-vm-dkms

Now restart VMware Tools:

/etc/init.d/vmware-tools restart

And finally, mount the your shared folder!

mkdir /mnt/hgfs/my_shared_folder
mount -t vmhgfs .host:/my_shared_folder /mnt/hgfs/my_shared_folder

If that doesn’t work, just log out and on your session.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful.

Note: The last post of this thread was useful to me.