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Symfony 2: Using Global Variables

In order to use variables in a Symfony2 controller, you’ll have to set them up in parameters.ini, or in any other ini file on condition that you’ll import it into config.yml.
In case you want to use them in a Twig template, you must set them up in config.yml.

Once done, you’ll be able to whether call them using getParameter() from a controller or with the syntax “ from a Twig template.

Set up your variable

In an ini file:

    myVariable = 2

In config.yml:

    myTwigVariable: %myVariable%

Import your ini file into config.yml

You can skip this step if you already set up the variables in parameters.ini.

    - { resource: myFile.ini }

Use the global variable

In a controller:

$myVariable = $this->container->getParameter('myVariable');

In a Twig template

    My variable: 

Enjoy. ;)

Translated from my french post Symfony2: Utiliser des variables globales